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A wonderful reminder and an invitation

The following is a beautiful reflection from member of our Pastoral Ministry Team, Laurie Jacob:

In the midst of this world crisis we are given an invitation to find God outside of the Church building and to expand our prayer life. God never abandons us and as St. Jose Maria wrote during his hiding in the Spanish Civil War, we are offered a, “time for growing on the inside”. What can we learn about God, ourselves and each other in this time of not knowing? Prayer provides the means to grow with God. These days negate the excuse that we don’t have time for mental prayer. The beauty and freedom of it is that there is no single method or technique of prayer! The only requirement is faith in knowing that God is really present right here and right now with us. God loves to enter into the mess of our feelings and our struggles no matter how “good or bad

” we think we are. God is so much more loving and desirous of our true selves that we will ever deserve! Jesus gave us a promise, “Go into your room, shut the door and pray to your Father who is there in secret…”Mt.6:6. Grace happens!

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1 Comment

Mar 30, 2020

Happy Birthday Father Blaney 👏🎂

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