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Both Parish Hall and Powers Hall have been flooded with donations over this past week. The generosity of our community has revealed the overwhelming desire that existed in SJSP to welcome the stranger and to bring Christ's light to those who have been forced to flee their homes for their own safety. We ask for your prayers for Emile, Rosine and their children: that their travel from Rwanda will be possible despite our current pandemic; and for our POWIR group attempting to secure and furnish their first, safe home of their own.

The family will be welcomed by: a fully stocked fridge; a complete kitchen; bedrooms with crisp new linens; a living room complete with a smart tv to assist them in learning a new language; and most importantly, a community of people holding them in prayer.

Let's pray: Omnipotent God- we know You alone are in control. You've held this family close throughout the unimaginable difficulty they must have faced over these past few decades. God, allow us to enfold this family in Your love. Help us be Your face, Your hands and Your heart to them. Protect them and provide for them as this week unfolds as You would will it. We make our prayers through Jesus Christ, Your Son, with whom we journey to the cross this Lent. Amen

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