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Have you been praying the Rosary?

At the beginning of this pandemic our Holy Father asked us to commit to praying the rosary with him every day. SJSP has responded, creating a daily rosary offering on Instagram at 8AM. During the month of May, many Catholics endeavor to pray a daily rosary.

Everyday we see the number of 'views' creep higher and higher on Instagram, and we are so grateful for the intercession of our Blessed Mother during this time. There could not be a better way to start your day than with this meditation. Mary is gentle and patient. Even those of us (guilty!) who have never been great at this devotion will start to feel her grace pour over you if you commit to this meditation.

Yesterday we were joined by a familiar face! Father John Amuda is a priest who served in our Collaborative four summers ago. Father John joined us from his home in Nigeria to pray! His smile says it all:

Join us by searching for @sjspwellesley on Instagram, and pray with us every morning at 8AM!

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