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Lives of the Saints

Many of you are devoted readers of the "LOTS" or 'Lives of the Saints' section of our collaborative bulletin. We are committed to keeping this going, even while our printed bulletin at this time needs to be reserved for up-to-date information about the health crisis. If you've never seen this section before- be sure to keep your eye out for it when we are back in the pews!

This months edition of LOTS is centered on the spiritual life of Saint Chad. Many thanks to Je'Lesia Jones, who contributes her talent to this and for her commitment to sharing this integral part of the faith!

Saint Chad

Brothers Ceadda, Cedd, Cynibil and Caelin were born in Northumbria (North Umbria), in the North East region of England into a family of nobility. Ceadda, also known as Chad, and his brother Cedd, studied at Lindisfarne, an island off the coast of England, under Saint Aidan and both became monks. While Cedd became a priest, Chad continued study in Ireland under St. Egbert. In the meantime, Cedd founded a monastery at Lastingham and when Chad returned from extended study in Ireland became abbot there. Chad was appointed Bishop of York by King Oswy, however, the king's son appointed someone else bishop of York and demanded Chad's removal, calling him an impostor. Ever humble, and to the surprise of the king, Chad did not fight the order and subsequently, King Alcfrid had Chad appointed Bishop of Mercia, a part of the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy that Chad introduced to Christianity. Both Chad and his brother Cedd became Saints. Saint Chad died March 2nd in 672 at Lichfield Staffordshire and is the patron Saint of Mercia, Lichfield and astronomers.

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