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Solemnity of St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Happy Feast of St. Joseph SJSP!

Today readings are here.

Todays readings are all about how God brings about the salvation of the world by the family. In the Old Testament reading we read about the linage of grace, the promise of salvation by the line of David. In our Psalm we are given a promise- that that linage will remain with us until the end of time. It sings of the promises of God, who is our Father, our Rock and our Savior.

In the Gospel we are reminded of St. Joseph. We are told by both Matthew and Luke that Joseph is a righteous man. We are told he is betrothed to Mary and she comes to him with this unbelievable news. Our Heavenly Father must have known Joseph was going to need some convincing, because He send him an angel to calm his anxiety.

This is such a familiar story. But how often do we reflect on the radical trust Joseph places in God? We all venerate Mary, with good reason, for her fiat. But what about St. Joseph's fiat? This man, this righteous man, built a family out of nothing. No, he built a family out of trust in God.

At this time, things are difficult. Things are confusing. We don't see a solution and we are trusting that God will send us something to calm our anxieties. In this time, we must build our families on the trust we place in God.

St. Joseph- pray for us.



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